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another confesion

2011-04-20 04:36:57 by tacomanworld

hi fans yes we are a two man groupe the guy who makes them are my freinds im the maneger any ways niall plz stop posting chain reveiws we got banned from makin any more reveiws so stop plz good bye fanas lol lol lol loll

ok its time to own up

2011-04-12 14:37:53 by tacomanworld

OK I AM 10 thats why im not very good its because im ten ok ok


2011-04-11 14:45:11 by tacomanworld

nobody likes my flashes so i dicided to let the peaple speak does anyone know a style i won't get ripped on for


2011-03-24 19:32:46 by tacomanworld

if anyone really likes are animations comment on this if u bother too read are page

from Tom


dear fans

2011-03-05 20:02:07 by tacomanworld

hello fans espicially ebolaworld thx for speaking with us


2011-03-03 02:51:15 by tacomanworld

im being a bit caught up in my new series, CHIKI, so i will no longer be doing my random flash crap

im peed off

2011-02-28 16:14:31 by tacomanworld

all of u poo heads saying wtf was that ok where fing random ok so any way where making a seiries a kick ass one its gonna be called voice cancer kids heh he

new series

2011-02-28 13:39:15 by tacomanworld

a new series is coming soon.

to niall

2011-02-27 12:56:08 by tacomanworld

thanks for reveiwing animations for me

thanks for veiwing and watching